Technical assistance

Together with its services of construction and inspection of grinding machines, MAR provides technical assistance to all kinds of issues that may occur during the production cycles or for the wear and tear of the machine.

Speed, accuracy and reliability

are the three milestones on which the service is based to ensure that customers stop the machine as limited as possible.

Grinding machines are the most important process of a long series of operations to reach the final product.


For this reason, MAR, with its service, provides its customers with a preventive ordinary maintenance with variable conditions (defined with the customer). In order to provide the best possible assistance, at each intervention we issue a certificate to attest the state of the machine and plan any maintenance activities that minimize the occurrence of machine downtime.

MAR’s operating staff is always ready and responsive to assist customers in the shortest time, offering the opportunity to use free telephone assistance to analyze and identify any issues. In this way, we can intervene in a targeted way, thus avoiding wasting time or superfluous and easily solvable interventions. The expertise and experience of our technicians ensure 360% assistance on the grinding machines, optimized to minimize downtime and always have the machines at their maximum performance.

On machines that implement recent and cutting-edge technologies we can provide remote assistance services (always equipped on our grinding machines) to further reduce the time of diagnosis of problems. This is the case of MAR machines, on which the best technologies are continuously implemented in order to simplify operations to the customer, thanks to the field buses and on-board diagnostics with which it is possible to communicate in real time with the machine to correct every problem.

In order to make its service even more efficient, MAR also uses an automatic warehouse to give immediate availability of ordinary spare materials such as ball screws, high-precision bearings and protection bellows, as well as other spare parts with the highest frequency of replacement even for obsolete plants. Through consolidated partnerships, MAR is able to ensure the supply of complete automation accessories for every customer need.