MAR: a landmark in the world of grinding machines


MAR srl born in San Marino in June 2015 from the idea of five friends who have worked for years in the world of grinding machines. MAR bases its strength on assembly, assistance, inspection, retrofitting, and automatic machine production, basing its philosophy on customer satisfaction. MAR wants to establish a long-lasting and solid relationship with the customer to enhance mutual trust and reach the best results quickly. This excellence-approach is supported by a highly specialized team of technical experts that deal with any aspect of the grinding machines.


The evolution of MAR services

At the time of its birth, MAR was only responsible for assembly, assistance, and machine inspection, focusing on the quality of fast and efficient service in order to meet every customer need. The range of services expanded with the machine re-engineering and design to offer a 360°-degree service to the customer in a short time. In 2017, the company completed its offer with the design and manufacture of grinding machines MAR-branded. The strengths of these machines are flexibility, modularity, and performance to meet any need.

Over the years, MAR has launched several innovative machines; the first of its product line is TITAN, the universal machine for every need, which has been joined over time by three machines of different sizes, belonging to the family of compact grinding machines with mobile masts: X1000, X500 and MCR. In addition, MAR also combines all its services with outsourcing assembly activities through a high-skilled workforce, which operates autonomously for all manufacturers of automatic machines and plants that require fast and efficient service.

MAR headquarters

The MAR team expansion has led the company to settle in a 1500 square meters facility – for the production area – divided into different zones to perfect each assembly phases of the machines and one tool room equipped with machine tools for the most complex and delicate works.

In addition to this production space, there is an automated spare parts department store, equipped to respond quickly to customer requests, and an office area with a modern and functional style for designers, sales team and administrative employees, that complete the MAR team.